I have a picture on my pinboard above my desk. An image of two Palestinian young women smiling broadly at the camera. “This is how we fight – ” it says, and they describe how they laugh every time they are stopped at checkpoint. Laughter is the daily weapon they use in the face of inhuman treatment. “This is how we fight”.

SSGarden partyWe have a global leader with fascist tendencies arriving for a state visit this week. This is nothing new – the UK has a fine history of fraternising with leaders with dubious human rights records – but there are a fair few fighting against it. I hope there is a huge noise on the street – but how else do we fight?

My Stories and Supper colleague Helen shared this today:
“Since his election, President Trump has targeted migrants and refugees with his divisive rhetoric and racist policies. Our protest at his UK visit will be to provide a platform for refugee and migrant voices at the Walthamstow Garden Party. Come and listen this Saturday evening and help us challenge the hostile narrative.”

We are all fighting the negative narrative in many ways. Turning up at a food bank and making sure everyone is treated with solidarity and respect, whatever their background. toptrumptargetsSupporting any of these ‘Top Trump Targets’ – dedicated organisations who operate in increasingly difficult situations to provide solidarity and support.

This is how we fight.

I’ll be doing some free Q+As next week around both recruiting and supporting volunteers in your project.  I hope this helps strengthen the army of solidarity and support out there.lunch hour

VolunteersYeah – Things we Find Ourselves Saying as Volunteer Coordinators available nowFree Lunchtime Q+As next week.

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