Sometimes low-tech is the way to go.  Despite a bit of hi-tech with volunteer management online workshops,  it turns out I only need one little image to make the most important recruitment point.

Welcome, CUTE BOMB!

Screenshot 2018-07-13 11.35.32 (2)

I’ve heard people say various things about volunteer recruitment while training and advising..

“We don’t have time for volunteers to go round meeting everybody when they start, they get a handbook – that’s enough.”

“Task descriptions? No, there are things that need doing and we just get on and do them.”

And –

“I don’t like to tell them they’re not right for us, as they’ve been kind enough to come and volunteer…”

ticking bomb slideThere will always be an exploding bomb somewhere on your organisation’s timeline.  And it definitely won’t look as cute as cutebomb. But there are so many things that exist to help you manage that little bomb before it happens. A great recruitment process sits right along that timeline, helping you know when the bomb is looming and make plans to avoid its impact.

One way we can see which things need to be on that timeline is to look at why people stay with us.  And that can often be about our recruitment tools AND our support tools.

Start Stay Leave (2)

Let’s talk more on Tuesday – lunchtime Q+A on recruitment and on Wednesday, when we’ll talk about support.  1PM UK time.  See you soon!


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