orange into the tunnel (2).jpeg“Why did you have to call it CHAOTIC?!”

Well, Rick, because it is.

Welcome to The Dumball.  “The orginal fancy dress festival on wheels.”

This is the most effective, volunteer-led, chaotic fundraising vehicle I know.  I’ve met a few volunteer-led organisations, and raising a million pounds over ten years isn’t bad eh?!  

But it is largely chaos.  It’s as grass roots as they come – it started with a germ of an idea amongst friends back in 2006 which wasn’t even anything to do with fundraising.  “Can we drive from Amsterdam to Athens?!  Let’s try it!”


Later, the dumball emerged, creating and solving its own havoc everywhere it went with a week long fancy-dress driving adventure that just happens to raise a huge amount of money too.  Virtually no-one ever mentions the word volunteer…  but there’s no-one behind this with an office.  Just a bunch of people that make things happen.  Why?  Just… every reason under the sun, most of which involves enjoyment and a huge sense of achievement somewhere down the line.

On the road, instead of going off on our own, we stick together – an unbreakable team of show-off morons. So we can stick together, we split the cars into groups which we grandly call ‘squadrons’ – who communicate via shortwave radio. Oh yes Bosshog! Each squadron weaves their way to our daily destination, spreading magic, madness and mayhem as they go. And the best bit – we don’t make a profit – so it’s a cheap as is humanly possible!”

IMG-20180913-WA0003_1I went on the first ludicrous adventure, and then left the nonsense to my partner for ten years.  For some reason I’ve gravitated back, and I’m about to drive from Margate to Corfu with 150 other people, dressed as a character from an obscure music video.  This particular effective, volunteer-led, chaotic fundraising vehicle has a habit of pulling people back.

Sometimes maybe a bit of chaos gets the job done…  See you on the other side!


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