…and other topical questions for small charities and social enterprises…

In April / May / June 2020 I responded to the first lockdown with some interactive workshops. See below for more details.

Thanks for Coming!

I’m delighted that so many could join me to take a big step into making great interactive stuff happen online in my Zoom workshops. That’s the last one for a bit now to concentrate on steering Kids Kitchen through these crazy times – if the workshop was useful for you and you are able, please do consider a donation. If you attended as part of an organisation and need an invoice, just drop me an email info@kidskitchen.org.uk.


This is an invitation to anyone wanting to think through how they might do their excellent work more remotely over the next few months.

A one hour, interactive, online chat covering:

  • Online communication tools and how they would work for you as a small organisation.
  • Making beautiful interactive things happen online

Next date: None planned at the moment. Contact me if you are interested

We won’t be covering government or health advice, or how individual groups can interpret that advice. We’ll just look at some simple techy possibilities, to help your decision making and make your work and life a bit more possible.

Whilst a global pandemic of epic proportions and complete policy confusion is obviously brand new for me, doing techy stuff with community/social enterprise is blissfully normal! I have run interactive training for Volunteer Coordinators online, managed Kids Kitchen with remote teams and live online training and I’ve worked with numerous community groups on finding online solutions.

The event is completely free, but I will share a link to donate to Kids Kitchen at the end if you found it useful.

What we’ll do: I’ll share examples of how we’ve done interactive online events before, we’ll all try out a couple of tools, share what you’ve already been doing and I’ll answer any questions I can.

Questions we might answer together…

  • How do I plan with my team?
  • What about an interactive session? A lesson, workshop, consultation…?
  • My boss is telling me I have to attend a meeting online? How will I do this?
  • EVERYTHING about our work is getting people together! How do we still get to our outcomes in self-isolation?!
  • How is Zoom different to Skype? What are my online meeting options?