Generally the price I charge for training will work out at £300 per day’s work. If I am delivering a full day training course, this may include a half day preparation so the price of the course would be £450.

Decisions depend a great deal on:

  • The length of time or recurrence of a piece of work
  • Where the work is located
  • Availability of an organisation’s resources and the aims of the organisation – some work I complete is voluntary.

Please get in touch to find out more.

Working in Partnership
Whilst most people would require some personalisation, I can run most of my courses off-the-shelf with no specific tailoring to your organisation. I am happy to deliver to up to 20 people.

If a number of organisations were happy to pool their resources and work in partnership together to:
• provide a space
• provide a projector
• invoice all participants
• arrange payment for me

This would mean that organisations could access a good quality, full day course for £30 or less per participant.   In this way we respect the fact that quality training does cost money to prepare and deliver, and we also make use of the resources we already have – together.