Volunteer Management Micro-Training

feedingbackTake advantage of these informal half-day or full-day opportunities to build your capacity to work alongside and support volunteers in whatever you are doing. You won’t have to leave your workplace and you’ll still feel the benefits that training interaction brings!

1-to-1 or small group micro-training sessions in volunteering: choose the areas you want to explore and I will prepare a tailored session for you and your organisation.

Micro-training is…

up to a half hour learning experience, informal and within a work context.  Social interactions and well designed structures mean that knowledge is being gained, but outside a formal learning environment.  Every segment consists of:

  •     An active start
  •     Some kind of exercise or demonstration
  •     Feedback and discussion
  •     Conclusion and future learning

“I can decide the content of the short sessions myself.”

“Rebecca is friendly, confident about her subject and able to keep my attention”

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