Learning Live Online:Your Questions Answered

Volunteers Yeah – Training online and offline that builds our skills for involving people in the projects and causes we believe in.

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What are the Sessions?

A series of eight sessions – highly interactive, relevant and fun – digging a little deeper into how we co-ordinate volunteers within our projects and organisations. All sessions are delivered ia workshop format, with whiteboard, chat and plenty of opportunities to ask questions and share experience.

I’ve been delivering training for nearly twenty years, and coordinating volunteers for most of that time.  I’m a certified trainer with the Learning & Performance Institute, who are pioneering online classroom learning in a number of fields.  These sessions, like those I deliver in real-life classrooms are relevant to our work, clear, and enjoyable.

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How are the Sessions Structured?

Before: Online sessions are fairly intense and short.  Think of it as like an espresso coffee compared to the long latte of an all-day training session! 5-10 minutes thinking time beforehand will really help you make the most of your time. For this reason you will be asked two things before the session:

Involving the Busy People
  • What key information you’d like to get from the session.
  • You will also be told three questions/topics that will come up in the session, noting down your thoughts will mean you feel confident interacting when those points come up.

You can also have a FREE online orientation session before your training. This is highly recommended if you’re new to the experience.

During the session: Throw in your ideas, listen to others, watch the whiteboard… All sessions are one hour apart from the orientation session.

After the session: You can email your questions to the trainer who may be able to signpost you further.

Any other questions?  contact me

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How do I access the training?

A few days before the workshop, you’ll get an email from Rebecca Tully with a weblink.

At the right time, you’ll click it to join the ‘meeting’ and we’ll take it from there!  You’ll get a few more instructions after booking, but this video can help explain if you’re new to online workshops.

And then you’ll be in our Training Room!

  • Put your headphones on and Connect to Audio
  • Make sure your ‘chat’ box is visible and say hi in the chat box, make yourself comfortable and explore all the icons
  • You’ll hear my voice to welcome you and start the session!

Do I have to Speak?

No.  You may be able to if you have a tested, working mic, but most communication is typing in a text box, or choosing options/ circling things you agree with etc.  You can also just watch others contributing, but of course everyone can’t do that or it will be a ‘quiet’ session!

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What do I need?

You will need an internet connection, a laptop/computer/tablet, and a pair of headphones.  You will need to download a small piece of software and sometimes this can be fiddly – so please attend the orientation session before your first session.

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What if I can’t log in?

You will have clear instructions with images, and a mobile phone number to call 15 mins before the session.

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What if I lose the connection?

You will very likely only lose connection for a short period.  All sessions will be recorded, so at the end of the session you can go back and listen to the short amount you missed.

You may be able to access the session again, or if the problem affected the whole session it will be run again.

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Do you have a question?  If so, email me and I’ll add the answer to the list for others to see!