Training: Evaluating Volunteers and Your Organisation

Your volunteers achieve a lot, overcome a lot, and learn a lot through their volunteering.  You want to show them and your organisation how much is gained.  or maybe you’ve found some possible funding for supporting the volunteering part of what you do, but you’ve never put into words before just what people get from volunteering with you.


Demonstrating the Value of your Volunteer Programme – One Day Course

Many groups are keen to know mshawebcroppedore about evidencing the impact their volunteers have at the moment, to strengthen their case with funders or fight for the importance of their service.

I have developed a course that looks at ways of evidencing the good work your volunteers do – simply and efficiently, making use of lots of info you are probably collecting already.  We also look at research tools such as the Volunteering England Impact Assessment and test them out in a friendly supportive environment.  This course was developed in partnership with colleagues in Volunteer Centres and has been well received by a number of groups including Voluntary Action Waltham Forest and Volunteer Centre Redbridge.

Activities Include:

What are we collecting?  How can we use it?

Naming the benefits – categorising the great stuff that happens

How we communicate to funders  (example activity here)


  1. Why monitoring is important
  2. What types of information to collect; what you are collecting already
  3. Appropriate ways to store data
  4. The best ways to promote the benefits of your organisation’s volunteering programme to colleagues, senior managers, potential volunteers and funders;
  5. Tools to provide evidence of how your volunteering programme impacts on service users and the wider community.