Training: Volunteers and the Law

One of the most popular volunteer management training courses.  We explore the common ways that organisations’ involvement of volunteers can become legally confused in our roles as volunteers and co-ordinators. We explore simple solutions for a happy, clear relationship between volunteer and organisation.  Activities include:

  • The right thing to say: Grievance and Disciplinary vs Problem Solving?  Voluntary Jobs or Task Descriptions? Commitment vs Flexibility?
  • Matching Laws to the challenges we face as Volunteer Co-ordinators: Equalities, Health and Safety and Immigration
  • Who Can Volunteer?  Quiz
  • Data Protection Mythbuster

Here’s one of the handouts – a legal overview designed as a summary to a number of structured activities which introduce and then reinforce the topic.  Volunteers and the Law: Legal Overview

Course Objectives:

1.    The differences between an employment contract and a volunteer agreement.

2.    How involving volunteers is affected by benefits, immigration law and the national minimum wage.

3.    The responsibilities of the organisation in keeping volunteers safe, and in keeping the organisation safe.

4.    Appropriate rewards and provision for volunteers

5.    Why the actions of the whole organisation are important when involving volunteers

I have delivered this course across London, Essex and Birmingham to groups and charities across the UK.