An online day of learning and creating that puts you and your social mission at the centre and gets your to-do list done.


I have worked with voluntary teams, trained thousands of volunteer managers, started two enterprises, transitioned one and grown another. I often feel that I don’t have enough time or energy! But I have systems and processes that have transformed the way I work. Let’s create the space together to do what you know needs doing without losing the passion for change that you have!

VIP Day: Volunteer Management and Recruitment

Some reflection, a spot of theory, oodles of resources and a plan with some things already in place – and it’s all relevant to YOU and YOUR organisation. And all in a day.

  • Recruiting for roles that support your organisation, you and your team
  • Coordinating and connecting to get the best out of everyone – including yourself.

VIP Day: Systems for your Social Mission

You are a small team with a passion and a mission and a tiny budget to do it in. You are exactly who needs good tech! We’ll:

  • Use some impactful coaching questions to work out the most useful changes to make
  • Make systems that will save you time
  • Implement them
  • Create resources that allow you to share them with the least techy of your team!

No fear, no pressure, no outlay – just really good shortcuts that help you and others make your impact with less tears and without throwing a laptop at a wall.

What’s a VIP Day?

It’s a day of work – done by you and me, using flexible methods – to address a goal you have for your organisation or project.

You may want to reduce the amount of admin time you spend on your volunteer program so that you can inspire and coordinate more – or keep your team more connected without wearing yourself out. Whatever you’re goal, we’ll work on it together, like this:

  • I’ll send a set of questions designed to pinpoint the best use of our time together
  • Youll get resources, support and advice tailored to you, your project or organisation
  • I’ll work on your goals for you, checking in with messages, voice notes and shared documents
  • You’ll have a plan to take forward with ease
  • You’ll have documents and videos to share what you’ve done with others – a team, managers, or others in your project

…And all done in a day!

“Thanks so much for all your help. When I sat down to prepare for the meeting it was all falling in to place and making sense. I’ve learned a lot.

Thank you. For your time – for your vision – for the website – for eating flapjacks”

Jan Doran, Herefordshire City of Sanctuary

Rebecca’s leadership and attention to detail is clear. She has ideas and is also very inclusive, considering everything. She responds to issues quickly.”

— Jennie Graham, Fundraiser

More Questions?

Can I check we’re a good fit first?

Yup – book a chat here.

Tell me more about your experience?

I’ve been the main coordinator of Kids Kitchen for ten years, which has grown from a voluntary project to a multi-hub non-profit organisation. We champion flexible working, build work and volunteering for ourselves and others and were working and training remotely long before the Zoom Boom of 2020! G-Drive, Airtable, Loom, WordPress, Mailerlite, Mighty Networks and Dropbox are all regular-use tools that keep our organisation ticking.

I set up Stories and Supper out of a local wish to challenge the narratives around migration, and supported its transition to a Community Interest Company with a strong resilient board. The organisation continues to celebrate creativity and resilience of those forced to move from their homes.

I have trained and taught for over 20 years – from English to Excel to group cooking! I love seeing a new thing taken on board, whether it’s me or someone else and I am delighted when we can make a task easier!

Phone Credit for Refugees is a regular volunteer role of mine and I created this recruitment workflow that appears on their website (Squarespace)

Can we do this as a team?

Absolutely! We would set out a clear idea of who and how was communicating in the first half hour meeting.

Does it all happen in one calendar day?

No, not usually. After a half hour online together, you’ll do about an hour’s work on your own or with your team in the following week. After that we’ll schedule three hours either working or messaging together – or I’ll complete the work. There will be time for us to follow up together, or for checkins for up to a month after the work is complete.

What does it cost?

The investment – and it is an investment! Is £300.

For comparison – Volunteer Management Training days are £100+ with NCVO and £300+ with Directory of Social Change. Neither are tailored to you and your organisation’s goals

We have no budget for this – help!

I understand. Half my life is spent doing things with no budget whatsoever. However, taking a step back from what you are doing is always worth doing and is always worth the investment, even if that investment is hard to find. There are small pots of money out there to be found to invest in training, through local councils and government training initiatives (I won’t post links as they change and go out of date too quickly!) and I also fundraise separately in order to be able to offer this service subsidised to those that have no access to funds. If you would like to work through some of these things yourself, Social Enterprise UK have resources, as do Seeds for Change – and Beautiful Trouble is a mind blowing guide to creative campaigning that might help you see things differently too! What I haven’t seen – which is why I offer it – is online tools specifically explained to organisations with a social mission, to make your job easier to you can increase your impact. Hope we can find a way to work together.