Hello, I’m Rebecca.

I work with community groups, charities and social enterprises.

And I build projects and social enterprises that have impact.

If you want to

  • Fund your community project, idea or group
  • Use organisational and communication tools effectively – for happier colleagues, and to get your message out to the big wide world
  • Recruit and retain – your volunteers, staff and supporters
  • Train yourselves or your team

I can help! Have a look at my latest projects to get an idea of what I do, or see below for the things I can help with.

You want to:What I could do:
Enthuse your volunteer team with motivation for what you doPlan and deliver the Volunteer Management Training you need for your volunteer coordinators.
Raise funds from your loyal supportersWork through how to set up a crowdfunder or kickstarter appropriate to you.
Recruit someone for your small organisation who ‘gets’ what you do and will hit the ground runningStrategies to recruit. Job description templates – we’ll pinpoint what needs to be done and how to communicate it
Keep in touch with busy volunteers across a wide areaTraining on strategy and skills building: using online forms and tailored social networks to keep remote volunteers in touch
Manage a tricky volunteer situation.We’ll answer all the difficult volunteer questions together. Asking a volunteer to leave? Challenging behaviour? Managing staff? We’ve got this 🙂
Report the great work you have done to those that need to hear it Set up time-efficient evaluation tools; train your group in how to use them
Show the impact of your work – and why you’re effectiveUsing impact assessment templates and volunteer evaluation surveys, we’ll work through your achievements and use this to get funding for a community project.
Make an event happen that will bring people together and have an impactPlanning, publicity and coordination of your wonderful volunteers!