Doing it Without Funding

Volunteer led?  Unable to find funding for what you do? Larger organisation losing funding? Not interested in playing the fundraising game?  How to you get a project done through community organising, volunteer involvement and perhaps a smattering of enterprise?

Where:  Chelmsford
Date:  25 April 2012

What is it about?

How do you make change happen with minimal funding and maximum community input? Many groups and organisations are looking at an uncertain future where once there were funding streams galore. This course explores some successes of grassroots community projects, creating a space for participants to come to conclusions about the keys to success.

 What will I learn?

At the end of the course, learners will have the skills to:

 Publicise their activities for free
 Recruit others within their community
 Delegate tasks and create roles for bigger capacity
 Work jointly to share skills with other projects or initiatives
 Explore alternatives to traditional funding

To book please go here to Voluntary Sector Training’s website.  Thank you!