Explaining How Everything Works…

map showing how services and decision making fit together
Simple summary of services and decision making in UK

This week I’m finally trying to crack a training problem I’ve had for a while – explaining How Everything Works in the UK  in one simple slide…

I’ve felt I’ve needed it as part of lots of different course objectives:

  • Putting people at ease about their own knowledge
  • Explaining where Funding comes from
  • Being clear who you vote for and why it makes (or should!) make a difference
  • Who you should go to if you want to set up a charity….

This specific course is called “Networking and Influencing to make your Ideas Happen” for 16-25 yr olds at Futureversity.

Do you use anything similar?  How do you explain how our services, decision-making and funding opportunities fit together to help get your training in context?

If this looks useful to you please use it, if you think I could add something I’d love to know about it…  Thanks!