Evaluation tools: Keeping track of involvement

I’m working on a project for Greater London Volunteering: creating a set of tools (and guide of how to use them) that help us measure how well volunteer involvement in our groups is doing.

The aim: it will enable us all to be more clear about the good so we can shout about it, and more clear internally where we can improve the not-so-good.

What we’re not aiming for: 
The IVR Impact Assessment toolkit.  Because it already exists! It’s a thorough way of researching every area of the impact of volunteering and can also be used in part for smaller evaluation projects.

What we are aiming for:

Day -to -day tools that work for as many different groups as possible.  Low tech, easy to reproduce, time efficient ways of logging achievement and characteristics of your volunteers that we can all use with minimal fuss!

So… I’m looking for what works for you.  For example…

“We have the question ‘what is your employment status’ on our volunteer application form.  Whenever a volunteer leaves, we also keep a record of whether they have employment at that point and whether skills gained in volunteering helped them towards that job. This helps us keep track of numbers of people gaining employment.”

“We have a spreadsheet on googledocs where we can log everyone that enquires about volunteering and their contact details. We plan to go back to those enquiries after 3 months and ask them why they did or didn’t start with us: we want to make sure we’re giving the right impression with our publicity.”

What do you have that works?  What do you have that didn’t work?! 

Please post a comment on here or send me a message.  I’m starting to gather links below, feel free to browse and let me know if these have worked for you.

Thank you!


Life Effectiveness Questionnaire: used before volunteer starts, and as they leave

‘Thoughtful Thursdays’ tweetchat from May 2012: Emma’s blog post and comments.  “How do we capture evidence of the work that we do?”

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