‘Getting Involved’ with a Kid in Tow.

I’ve been getting involved in a few projects with my toddler.  With varied success.  Gardening, cooking projects, and a bit of demonstrating since you ask.  And I’m considering wwheelbarrrowstonesriting about my experience… from volunteering practitioner to parent, and the steps in between.  I’m wondering… has anyone else has written about this sort of thing?

Have you volunteered with your kid?  What did it look like?  Would you have called it volunteering?  what success have you had?  What have you learned?  What feedback would you give to the organisations you helped out with if you had the time and energy?

Or, as an organisation, do you have roles that an adult can do with their child in tow?  What kind of things do people get up to in this way?

I’m working on how I can share me and my daughter’s volunteering experiences…  watch this space and please get in touch if you have experiences to share.  Thanks!


5 thoughts on “‘Getting Involved’ with a Kid in Tow.

  1. Hi Rebecca

    My 6 year old daughter and I do quite a bit of volunteering and I find it a really interesting way to educate her and get us both involved in the community and meeting lots of interesting, new people.

    We do farmer days at Community Farm in Bristol – planting, weeding, playing 😉 and we’ve been on a few “Friends Weekends” at Embercombe in Devon. Here we help out on any number of jobs – in the kitchen, gathering salad for a huge communal lunch, gardening. Sometimes, I might do some more physical jobs like moving trees with the crowd and Celeste will play with the hoards of other kids there. We get to stay in a yurt there and it’s a brilliant break.

    I also started up the web-based and real-time Weston-super-Mum to meet others locally. We put on events families and the kids are ALWAYS with us, whether we’re volunteering or just enjoying (for me, it’s always both) – we do crafty stuff, in the main. We had our own festival weekend last year. It’s a way of giving to others, getting what you want out of life and entertaining the children and ourselves, meeting new people.

    We go to farms sometimes, various, and feed the animals, do a little bit of helping out generally, learning, experiencing.

    And then there’s helping out at Home Ed group – locking up, putting on activities, all things that help to enrich our lives because these type of days out can exist if we all pull together.

    Hope this helps? I’m bound to think of loads more to say once I’ve pressed “Send” I may be back 🙂

    Becky x

  2. Hi Rebecca, this is a really interesting and surprisingly wide-ranging topic, once you start to ponder those sorts of questions, and the different stages that children go through. I’d be happy to share ideas and experience about this from the 0-5 viewpoint at least, volunteering at the children’s centre and allotment project. I started when the boys were 2.5 years old, which is three years ago now. I am winding down with volunteering right now, still doing a bit but it’s much more challenging with children who are of an age to be able to refuse to come along when they don’t feel like it! I’m sure it will keep evolving. If you’d like me to write in more detail, do let me know.

    1. Thanks Kath, I thought you might have an opinion or two…! it’s 0-5 that’s interesting me right now as well, and the challenge of a child that’s still young and hard to keep contained, but still really wants to be with me so that bit I guess is easier yes! I’d love you to write more, I’m getting a space up and running to share my experiences so would be great for you to share some stuff too? Thanks!

  3. Happy to do that Rebecca, I’ll keep an eye out and keep thinking on this one. It’s certainly a challenge when your attention is constantly divided and someone wants to remind you they need you on a regular basis! So many factors to consider – illness, tiredness, weather, food, toilets, etc – sometimes the best laid plans can go out the window, and other times it works wonderfully. I’m still learning about how it all boils down to attention and how to juggle that with other demands and needs in any given situation…

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