Online support for coordinators

Thoughtful Thursdays is a weekly twitter tweet chat and discussion: a chance to chat and connect, learn and share with other Volunteer Managers.

Each week a different co-ordinator publishes a new blog in the group Thoughtful Thursdays from VMmovement via   The blog provides our theme and focus for that week’s discussion and poses specific questions to get you thinking and responding.

You can join in the discussion in two different ways:

1. Over on twitter you can share your soundbites in 140 characters or less – just make sure you reference each tweet with the hashtag #ttvolmgrs so we know you’re part of the chat.

2. Alternatively, if you need more space to expand your thoughts, or if twitter isn’t your thing – you can respond using the comments section below the blog.

It’s really simple!  You can also take your turn to write a blog post.

To keep up to date, join the group on ivo and/or follow @vmmovement on twitter – that way you’ll always know when it’s Thursday. Here are a few of the ‘Thursdays’ I have written…


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