FREE Live Online Workshops!

supported by santander

After a useful – (and highly amusing – thanks Tom for the Heavy Metal requests…) first session with attendees from around the UK we are ready for SESSION TWO!

Workshops and networking LIVE on the internet.  Why?!

We’ll explore some of the ways we can create classrooms online, some of the barriers and opportunities, and you will look at the times and places this would work in your projects.

Wednesday 21st October 1.30pm  ONE HOUR ONLY!

Think this is weird?  No idea what I’m on about?  BRILLIANT, please be involved!

I’ve been a teacher and trainer for 15 years and I love watching people take on new information and ideas.   I recently attended an online classroom  about live training on the internet.  It blew me away!  And I realised that in certain circumstances online classrooms are a great way to learn.

Join me to try this out:

Unltd – supporting social entrepreneurs – have a small fund to support networking, and I have a grant to pilot these ideasupported by santanders.



Sign up for everything here.  I’ll send lots more info and give you a call next week.  (IGNORE SESSION ONE QUESTIONS!)

Session 3  will be a group session at the Learning Lodge in Chingford E4 – what was all that about then and how did we find it?!  TWO HOURS.  WITH CAKE.   We will agree this date during session 2, so that it suits those that have signed up.

What I want from you.

Please give me feedback.  Honest conversations about this kind of networking and learning are essential!

What I can offer:

I have many years’ experience of involving volunteers and supporting others, and of standard learning environments, so I hope you’ll get questions answered and a broad knowledge of good practice.

I will also support you fully to access the training – logging in with you in the same location if necessary.  I’m interested in actively involving those who are the most nervous and sceptical about this kind of learning environment!

Hope to ‘see’ you online soon!

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