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Recruitment – Retention- Motivation – Evaluation…

The online classroom for volunteer coordinators will be underway by the end of March.  Come to a free introduction session to find out more!

For Volunteer Co-ordinators, Volunteer Managers, ANYONE involving volunteers

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Come into the live online training room! Meet the trainer, test your headphones, scribble on the whiteboard and have a text chat.    If you’re feeling REALLY adventurous you can try out a mic!
By the end of just half an hour you’ll be able to:

  • Operate the simple tools to interact with other attendees and the trainer in a live online learning situation
  • Share your own skills and experience with others live and online

Full one hour sessions include:

  • Creating Great Task Descriptions for Volunteer Roles
  • Positive Feedback.jpgRecruiting People to Stay
  • Involving the Busy People
  • Volunteers and Employment Law
  • Who Can Volunteer?  Age, Immigration and Welfare Conundrums
  • Creating Inspiring One-Off Volunteer Opportunities
  • Demonstrating the Impact of your Volunteers and your Organisation
  • Time-Saving Tech for Volunteer Coordinators

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