How do I do ZOOM?!

...and other topical questions for small charities and social enterprises... Thanks for Coming! I'm delighted that so many could join me to take a big step into making great interactive stuff happen online in my Zoom workshops. That's the last one for a bit now to concentrate on steering Kids Kitchen through these crazy times … Continue reading How do I do ZOOM?!

Social Enterprise Wrangling

Yup, that's a stock photo up there. I really don't have a good picture of me doing any of the following necessary but dull things for the success of a small social enterprise! Setting up and supporting an online community - using Facebook Groups and on Mighty Networks. Recruiting volunteers, freelance workers and steering teams … Continue reading Social Enterprise Wrangling

Workshops: Funding and Communication

How to get funding for a community project | Social media training for community groups | Keeping track of volunteer hours | manage remote volunteers | Charity comms training

Research and Website Administration

Resource Gathering, web layout and network engagement for the set-up of the Helpforce Learning Network. Day to day, I manage a Wix website, and a WordPress website and am equally frustrated and enthused by both!

Cooking with Kids

As well as training for those that want to develop family cooking themselves, and managing the day to day of the Kids Kitchen Collective, I do the occasional kids cooking session... sometimes with my young apprentice...! We'll be at festivals again this summer - contact Kids Kitchen to get involved

Supporting Volunteer Coordinators

In a large organisation - like Essex Wildlife Trust, I support the coordinators to build their skills, share their experience with newer members of the team and bring challenges to a supportive space. Regular Volunteer Management Training covering recruitment, defining roles and keeping people safe and supported. More about training here.