Online support for coordinators

Thoughtful Thursdays is a weekly twitter tweet chat and discussion: a chance to chat and connect, learn and share with other Volunteer Managers. Each week a different co-ordinator publishes a new blog in the group Thoughtful Thursdays from VMmovement via   The blog provides our theme and focus for that week's discussion and poses … Continue reading Online support for coordinators

Work. Fair. Volunteer.

Mandatory work placements weaken our community sector.  Volunteer managers should keep sight of our definition of volunteering, and be honest about what it’s not. In the training I do, discussion can arise when we’re looking at volunteer motivations.  “Why DO people get involved in the first place…?”  is a question I ask a lot.  We … Continue reading Work. Fair. Volunteer.

Designing Volunteer Training

Some evidence-based perspectives on designing learning, aimed at those planning inductions/training for volunteers, from Tobi Johnson. When designing volunteer training, my biggest challenge is how to create a program that doesn’t scare volunteers away. Often, the programs I work with have daunting amounts of information volunteers must learn in order to perform with confidence. Programs … Continue reading Designing Volunteer Training

‘Getting Involved’ with a Kid in Tow.

I've been getting involved in a few projects with my toddler.  With varied success.  Gardening, cooking projects, and a bit of demonstrating since you ask.  And I'm considering writing about my experience... from volunteering practitioner to parent, and the steps in between.  I'm wondering... has anyone else has written about this sort of thing? Have … Continue reading ‘Getting Involved’ with a Kid in Tow.

Proving our Worth. Who, When, How?

This was originally posted on as a ''Thoughtful Thursday' volunteer managers tweet and blog chat. At the tail end of last year, my colleague Kim and I had the opportunity to work with Greater London Volunteering, developing a set of tools to evaluate what volunteers and organisations achieve through their work. This post is … Continue reading Proving our Worth. Who, When, How?